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God Gave Me This Talent

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Homeless... that was me, from being in a shelter to sleeping under a bridge, to wondering if I was going to get a meal to eat. I’m not asking for your pity or a hand out. Right now I’m here to teach you, and let you know what my life is about. Some of you know parts of my story others of you don´t. The thing about my story it will have you in tears I´m not going to front. Some of you knew me before, get to know me now God has come into my life, I have so much more to live for. The old me is dead so please let her rest. Pay close attention, God has his hands on me. You will finally see me at my best.... GOD GAVE ME THIS TALENT Is an Inspirational Poetry Book It will inspire you, make you smile, make you laugh and even make you cry. I cover everything from love to break up and just every day living. This is a must have book....